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Femininity, Courage, Love and Wisdom

Mermaids embody the qualities we hold inside and are sometimes too afraid to show. They are feminine, brave, adventurous, sensual and have uncanny wisdom and intuition. In these pages you will find links to the mental health, well-being and relationship blog and what podcast enthusiasts are calling the best mental health, well-being and, relationships podcast with stories of inspiration, relationships and community. I hope that as you share in my journey and those of my featured guests, you will feel inspired to take on the world even when you are too exhausted to find north.


Life is about lessons, belonging and authenticity. This mental health, well-being, relationships and  lifestyle blog and podcast is about knowing there is growth in every encounter, having the courage to live life on your own terms, creating a path where there isn't one, and knowing you are limitless.

I am filled with joy and  gratitude for each day I wake up. Don't get me wrong, life has kicked me a few times - after I fall, cry, and lick my wounds, I rise stronger and more resilient. I've taken life's lessons and become more empowered and confident, always understanding the universe will align everything. I've learned that relationships are complex, and that's what I seek to explore here.

Feisty Mermaids is a mental health, well-being, and relationships blog and podcast that offer a perspective, but most of all, I wish to ignite a fire inside of you to go out and do amazing things. 



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