About Me

Sometimes I look at my life and wonder how I got here. I am filled with joy and  gratitude for each day I wake up. Don't get me wrong, life has kicked me a few times - after I fall, cry, and lick my wounds, I rise stronger and more resilient. I've taken life's lessons and become more empowered and confident, always understanding the universe will align everything. I've learned that relationships are complex, and that's what I seek to explore here.

I seek thrills and adventures. I seek connection with myself and others. I want to learn to be brave, courageous and vulnerable from the women and girls I meet. I am a single-mom navigating mazes,  climbing ladders and breaking glass ceilings.


I am inspired by the people I meet and their stories. From the janitor to the CEO, there are triumphs and defeats, they've all traveled a journey. Sometimes we cross paths, and for better or worse, my life is never the same. Feisty Mermaids is a relationship and lifestyle blog, podcast and shop to offer a perspective, but most of all, I wish to ignite a fire inside of you to go out and do amazing things. 



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