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Every Action Ripples Across The Universe

One of my favorite stories is The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. I cry every time I read it to my daughter and I once gifted it to my dad. There is something so pure about the unconditional love and kindness the tree gives the boy. There is no hidden agenda from the tree, no expectations of receiving anything in return.

I recently put two pink chairs under the large and luscious tree outside my house. I love the shade it gives and I often sit under it for hours having amazing conversations with friends. One morning I sat with my friend to have an alfresco breakfast that started at 9am and ended with snacks at 4pm. Just the other night, I had a happy hour with my neighbor that started shortly after the workday ended until close to midnight. I feel the tree's energy, protection and joy.

I always wondered where the tree came from, I could sense there was a story.

On my way home from a walk with the dog, I chatted with my next door neighbor. He mentioned he stays in touch with the first owners of the house and they asked about the tree. My interest sparked and I asked for more. He s

aid the tree was a gift from the family's grandfather and it was only a small stick when it was planted... 25 years later, it is a strong and sturdy tree that exudes love and kindness.

They say every act and intention lives on forever. I believe this is true, and thus I am purposeful with my actions and thoughts.

I thought about how one act of kindness from the grandfather to this family continues to ripple and radiate through the universe and it has now touched me. I feel his love extending to me, my daughter and everyone who visits our home.

They say every act and intention lives on forever. I believe this is true, and thus I am purposeful with my actions and thoughts. I didn't think I'd be able to quantify this in my lifetime until I got the dreaded letter from the home owner's association stating I needed to pressure wash my driveway... I borrowed a pressure washer and over the course of two weeks I chipped away at the project.

On day two, I started drawing hearts in the driveway and by day five I had carved out messages of love, mermaid tails and flowers. In my opinion it wasn't great artwork, but it didn't matter, I wanted to show that my heart and home are full of love. Neighbors began stopping by and showing appreciation for the designs. People stood and took pictures, and the best compliment came from the local UPS delivery person, when he stoped his truck to tell my daughter and I that passing by our house is his favorite part of the day. I held my child close as he told us he's shared pictures of the driveway with his wife and others. I was astonished to see my love rippling across the neighborhood and the community. I didn't intend for this, it was something I did out of self love and to show my daughter love. My intention was love, and it is now being passed on.

Be intentional with your actions and thoughts. Nothing is permanent in this world. Only love and kindness spread to reach people in unexpected ways with the most precise timing.

Header photo by zhang kaiyv on Unsplash


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