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Mermaids on Land: A Visit to Cassadaga

I’ve lived in the Central Florida area for more than 30 years and ever since I was in high school I remember people talking about Cassadaga. According to them, it was a town known for witchcraft and the supernatural - which is totally not the case. I always stayed curious and finally had a chance to visit recently with my sister in law - an Angel Therapy Practitioner, Certified by Doreen Virtue.

Cassadaga is a lovely town just north of Deltona, FL and is known for having many psychics and mediums. It is often called “the psychic capital of the world.” For those of you that may be skeptics, you won’t find any voodoo or strange people in costumes casting spells around town. It is simply a quiet area where the spiritual gather and offer their services for those seeking answers and guidance. You can choose to engage or simply enjoy the side streets and town highlights.

If you are looking for things to do in Cassadaga, I recommend starting your day at the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, a community of spiritual minded people established in 1894. It consists of 57 acres and 55 homes, with those who reside there, forming a community of spiritual people where they can worship and be in harmony with their beliefs. Many of the residents are healers and offer services from their homes. The community is extremely welcoming and is open to visitors of any religion and spiritual path (believer, skeptic or simply curious).

We browsed the shop filled with books, crystals and anything you can think of. It is all about connecting with your spirituality no matter how you define it. I picked up the book The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto and a Crystal Journey Candle - love. You can probably save a few bucks by ordering via Amazon, but with a year of COVID closures it’s great to support small community businesses.

I recommend you pick up a self guided map while there. If you ask the shopkeepers, they are more than happy to highlight areas you should visit and share personal stories. Our clerk recommended a trail which supposedly led to a vortex (which we searched for, but either we went to the wrong place or it just wasn’t happening on that day). She also recommended a visit to the Horseshoe Park and Fairy Trail (see pictures) and lunch at the Cassadaga Hotel.

The trail was a magical and whimsical place where people have created makeshift altars and spiritual corners. It can be a place of calm and reflection or entertainment, I guess it all depends on your perspective. My favorite areas were a natural tree archway with hanging lays and the large fairy wings where we posed for photos.

After the gardens, we had lunch at the hotel where we shared a salad, flatbreads and fresh brewed iced tea. The menu is extensive, we just chose to keep it on the lighter side - and still got full! There aren’t many choices for food in town, so unless you want to travel up the highway or pack a lunch to eat at any of the many parks, this is your best bet.

Our walk through town was filled with conversation about life, love and loss. There were moments of tears and moments of laughter for me. But most importantly, it was a time of bonding with my sister-in-law away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives filled with the details and needs of our families.

If you visit Cassadaga, be open. It is a place you can visit with friends who are like-minded or go at it solo to really go inward and be in tune with the energies. Although we chose not to have any readings or healing sessions on this day, our hearts were filled with emotions from the many signs we saw along the way (flowers that resembled fairies, cardinals, coins, turtles crossing the road, etc.). The signs that for me point to a life beyond what we know, and a universe filled with infinite love and adventures to come.

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